Stefan Fuertbauer


Stefan Fuertbauer is a Vienna-based freelance photographer working in the areas of portraiture, reportage, travel and food for editorial, corporate and advertising.
His work frequently appears in international and national publications, magazines, newspapers, corporate media and advertising campaigns.
His free work got featured in ESQUIRE, feature shoot, iGNANT and Photography Served. Stefan was born 1976 and raised in Upper Austria. He lives and works in Vienna since 1997. The self-taught photographer started to take pictures in early childhood when his father passed down a 35mm film camera to him.

«No matter whether it’s a diner at night, iconic flowers or album covers installed at the museum of art history, each story has its own flair and Stefan Fuertbauer doesn’t just depict it but knows how to make a grasp at it. This gift of empathy makes him the great portraitist as we know him. From Hader to Kern, from Dagmar Koller to Veronica Ferres – a Fuertbauer-portrait can be recognized by the way it clings to the person, the way it adopts to each ones nature. That’s his recognizability. „The photograph itself is the very last technical part which is preceded by a lot of human interaction“ says Fuertbauer. And that’s what you can see in his pictures.» (Src: TheGap #160 / The 20 most interesting photographers of Austria)