Peter Diamond


I’m an artist specialising in poster and publishing, with a background in editorial illustration, comics and music.

In all my work, whether for clients or in my own projects, I’m looking for the places where worlds meet. Fact and fiction, science and magic, myth and history, past and present, truth and lies. This extends to my technique as well, in my focus on combining real media with digital software. Paint, pencils and paper with Photoshop and Procreate are my tools of choice.

Narrative, characterisation, a sense of wonder, and of course beauty, are my top priorities in image-making. I use composition, colour and line work in service of those goals, but each is also an end in itself, as is the act of drawing. Another meeting of worlds is where the very personal, intimate process of image making overlaps with the public role of the artwork in communicating with a viewer out in the world.

Most of my work currently takes the form of limited edition prints. Alternative Movie Posters, Art Prints, and Gig Posters. But I also make images for games, books, and magazines.