Scribble in the Margin /
Magdalena Kim Novak

Creative Experience Designer

Hi, I’m Magdalena.
I got a tiny dark scribble in the margin of my left eye. No, not impairing my sight the slightest, but enabling me to see, think, feel and create outside the lines. Enabling me to tell tangible stories that connect people.
As a Creative Experience Designer I put the personality of an individual, a group of people or a brand at the centre of my work. I always start out from the personal encounter, my perceptions and curiosities leading the way.

Scribble in the margin functions as a creative concept powerhouse, drawing from a vast network of creative experts from the arts, tech & hospitality to co-create your creative experience.
No creative experience is alike, since every personal journey is unique. My creative experiences are always personal, emotional, original and surprising, culturally sensitive and empathetic to context and message.

I take scribbles in the margin of the mind to a one-of-a-kind creative experience – ready to be explored.