WeFuel GmbH is a new, Vienna-based startup, specializing in health & nutrition. We are looking to address the gap in the market for healthy, tasty solutions that are genuinely free of any type of additives & preservatives.
We are a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented company that wants to make ethical, high-quality choices more available while also challenging the food industry on the use of additional processing aids and additives.
  • Our solutions are for those who are/want to be conscious of their mind, body, and general health.
  • Identifying the problems is one thing. Creating the solutions is the real thing.
Currently, we at WeFuel are offering our first product, WeNuts, a plant-based product. Available in 6 flavors on the local, Vienna market; at TipTop Frozen, Blockfabrik, Pelican Coffee Company, and other vendors.

Why WeFuel?

WeFuel You.

Our promise is to always make our solutions taste delicious while maintaining the highest quality of products. 100% organic, naturally.
For us, it’s about supporting your body and mind. Fueling your focus, and dedication, ensuring that healthy choices are always rewarded with us.
You are the fire – We simply provide the fuel
Taking action is the first step. Our offer to you is the highest quality nutrition, to support your daily challenges. What the rest of the journey looks like is up to you.