Arne Nostitz-Rieneck

Director | Social Entrepreneur

Commercials & Film

I am a director for commercials, music videos and film. But thats not all that I do


ARne – It’s in my name

Augment our Reality – Let’s discover what lies beyond the fourth wall.

Coming from storytelling in film and commercials my focus shifts to augmented and mixed reality / AR & XR. Stepping out of the boundaries of a screen and bringing the narratives into the world around us opens up a whole universe of imagination.

As a director and creator, I’m developing experiences, using the new medium in commercial, cultural and touristic environments. Exploring the possibilities and discovering new ways to tell tales is the exciting work of a pioneer.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Enhanced Reality. It’s like the wild west – exciting and exhilarating to be at the brink of this. To develop and define a whole new way of storytelling, of our reality. ArAR … sounds a bit like a pirate – let’s board that ship, let’s set sail to new adventures, let’s find the mysterious treasures that are buried, bring them to new dimensions with our imagination. Let’s create these worlds together.


Social Entrepreneurship

Besides storytelling there is a new endeavour since 2021:

I am the founder of SocialCard – a cashless person-to-person donation system, that does not require a digital device on the receivers end. This social impact startup is focusing on the disadvantaged in our society, to help them getting back on their feet. Find out more on

SocialCard is part of FoundersLab and Social Impact Academy 2022; Winner of StartupLive22 at ViennaUp and Winner of the LA TechWeek Hackathon 22